Two Canoes Media is an An Indigenous Film and Media Marketing Company

Indigenous Owned

Producing films, television programs, corporate videos, ad campaigns, social media and educational materials. Our clients include First Nations, government, industry, schools and first responders.

Founder & President Holly Fortier

A leading educator in Indigenous Awareness Training and 30 year veteran of film and television. Member of Fort McKay First Nation. Allied with Pyramid Productions, producer of 40 years of film, television and corporate videos distributed across Canada, the US and 70 countries overseas.

Storytelling With Heart

Compelling stories of inspirational people, strength and resiliency, breakthroughs in culture, business, education, reconciliation and hope.

Two Canoes brings a new perspective to marketing and video production – an Indigenous perspective.

We have learned from our Elders to preserve and share First People’s stories in a dynamic and adaptive way that demonstrates what is happening today while maintaining core cultural values and principles. Principles like, connections to land and nature.

Our storytelling embraces a wide range of narratives, reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of our culture, languages and experiences across our country.  

Our approach goes far beyond simply promoting your business. We craft films and videos that speak to the soul. And we are proven. We are an award-winning Indigenous-owned Film and Marketing Company, focused on producing high-quality, stunning content with strong storytelling. Nestled in the heart of Treaty 7 Alberta, some of our notable awards include Best Documentary at the American Documentary and Best Alberta Short atthe Calgary International Film Festival for our documentary, Ayoungman, which was submitted for the 2023 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Two Canoes was founded in 2020, our company’s leader, Holly Fortier, who had been teaching sensitivity training across the country, saw a need for creative input from a First People’s marketing and production company. Today, Holly brings her expertise to every Two Canoes project. It is our focus, and our goal, to tell Indigenous stories, the Indigenous way.